Commercial Fundraisers

Annual Renewal Requirements & Other Filing Reminders

The Charities Program has changed how renewal reminders are issued. Commercial fundraisers will now be notified of the need to renew their registration by letter, rather than by postcard. The postcards will be mailed approximately 60 days prior to the registration expiration date.

Watch Your Mailbox for Renewal Reminder Letter!

The Commercial Fundraiser Registration / Renewal Form contains fillable fields and detailed instructions, including tips. Please download and complete the form. Once completed, you must print and mail the renewal form to the Charities Program with the appropriate filing fee.

Want to Renew Your Commercial Fundraiser Registration Early?

Commercial Fundraisers Registration Forms

Fundraising Contract Requirements

Before fundraising activities commence in Washington State, a charitable organization that contracts with a commercial fundraiser for the purpose of soliciting or receiving contributions in this state must complete and submit a signed Fundraising Service Contract Registration Form, a copy of the written agreement and a $20 filing fee to the Charities Program.

Required Content for a Fundraising Contract

Disclosure Requirements

Commercial fundraisers that solicit contributions in Washington State on behalf of charitable organizations are required to disclose certain information at the point of solicitation. Read summaries of these disclosures.

Fee Schedule

Commercial Fundraiser Compliance Requirement

Common Reasons Documents are Returned

  • Missing or insufficient filing or late fee
  • Missing organization's phone number
  • Incomplete line items on application
  • Information omitted regarding who is responsible for fundraising activities in Washington
  • Financial information omitted or incomplete
  • Application was not signed or dated
  • Proof of Commercial Fundraiser's $25 000 Surety Bond was not included (Initial filings or re-registrations only)