2024 Presidential Primary Voters' Guide

Select a format to learn more about the candidates on your ballot.

State Online Voters' Guide 

Provides an overview of all information provided by presidential candidates. Use a mobile device or Chrome/Firefox browser to load this dynamic searchable guide. 

Voters Pamphlet Color

PDFs (5 Editions) 

Choose from 5 Editions, including Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese translations.

Voters Pamphlet Audio Color

Audio MP3s 

Listen to recordings from the printed Voters' Pamphlet.

Audio for the Voters' Pamphlet Audio Guide is created by the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library. WTBBL provides library services state-wide to any Washington resident unable to read standard print material due to blindness, visual impairment, deaf-blindness, physical disability (cannot hold a book or turn pages), or reading disability. If you are interested in receiving their free library services, please visit their website here.

American Sign Language (ASL) Video

View an ASL video of information on how to vote in the Presidential Primary.


View a voters' guide customized to the measures and races on your ballot.