Educational Resources: Learn with OSOS

Learning with OSOS

Washington has a rich heritage, and all of our students should have an opportunity to learn about our state’s history and culture.

At the Office of the Secretary of State (OSOS), we value and prioritize education and civic engagement, and are thrilled we can provide some of our own educational resources to students, parents, and teachers across the state.

From lesson plans and student contests to research resources and more, OSOS has a variety of materials for learners of all ages.

Legacy Washington


Legacy Washington offers oral histories about extraordinary Washingtonians past and present, and provides engaging content for students with accompanying lesson plans and contests.

One of their recent exhibits, "Browsing the Stacks", looks into the favorite collections of staff at Washington State Library and Washington State Archives. Check out the accompanying lesson plan

State Elections

Washington State Elections provides a guide to teaching elections and conducts a student mock election every year for the general election. These resources are available 24/7, and it’s never a bad time to learn how to become more civically engaged.

State Library

Washington State Library provides resources for libraries, students, teachers, and parents all in one place. 

Visit the Digital Collections for historical maps, photos, and more. You can also see a variety of Washington newspapers dating as far back as 1854 by browsing the Washington Digital Newspapers!

If there is a specific question that you need answers to you can always "Ask a Librarian!"

State Archives

Washington State Archives’ Digital Archives offers a treasure trove of historical information about Washington with more than 200 million records online. See what you can discover in the Archives.

Primarily Washington

Primarily Washington connects collections from the State Library, State Archives, and Legacy Washington with your classroom. See the primary source content partnered with teacher-developed curriculum at 

Simply Washington

The Simply Washington booklet highlights state history, resources, culture, and more. Read it online and spark your own Washington state research project.