Teamwork Incentive Program Suggestion Eligibility

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A Teamwork Incentive Program project is intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government by proposing process improvements by reducing costs and/or generating revenue.

If a team proposes improvements that save money or generate revenue, any intangible benefits -- such as the improvement of safety or morale -- can also be included under the goals and accomplishments of the team project and are an important part of the improvement process. 

For applications to be considered by the board, teams interested in participating in the Teamwork Incentive Program meet these eligibility criteria:

  • The application can be submitted before or after implementation of the project

  • The team’s application must identify the baseline against which savings will be evaluated at the end of the project period;

  • Teams must demonstrate that it has operated during the period of participation at a lower cost or with an increase in revenue with no decrease in the level of services rendered.

For more information about suggestion eligibility, reach out to your agency coordinator or contact the Productivity Board at 360-725-0381 or [email protected].