Teamwork Incentive Program "After Project" Application

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Review and complete the Teamwork Incentive Program "After Project" application below.

Determine if the Teamwork Incentive Program is the appropriate avenue for your idea by checking the eligibility page.

Agencies nominate teams for an award, and an application must be filled out within a year after the project is completed, and include the following:

  • A brief summary of the project;

  • A statement of what the team expected to achieve and what was achieved;

  • Performance measures which show the workflow and improvement outcomes of the team;

  • TIP projects must result in cost savings or revenue-generation. This fillable Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet can be used to show your calculations. Submit the form using the button at the bottom of the page.

  • A list of participating personnel and their award percentages to be used for payment purposes, with special notation of those working less than full time;

  • Signatures of agency management authorizing the team's participation in the Teamwork Incentive Program project and agreeing with the award amount.

Click the “Save and Resume Later” button at the bottom of the application form to save your work. You will be emailed a URL password valid for 30 days. Do not upload files or sign the application form until you are ready to submit.

If you are submitting an idea as an individual, please fill out the Employee Suggestion Program application.

Reach out to your agency coordinator if you have questions or need assistance, or contact the Productivity Board Staff at 360-725-0381 and [email protected].

This form is limited to 25MB per submission. If your files are more than 25MB please reach out to us at the email above.