FAQ - Registered Agent

Registered Agent: Person or business named to receive legal documents on behalf of the corporation.

Registered Office: The office address where the Registered Agent is located.

Do I need a registered agent? What do they do? All Corporations, LLC's, and Limited Partnerships doing business in Washington must have a Registered Agent with a physical Washington State address. The Registered Agent may be an individual or a business. The Registered Agent receives annual reports, notices, and service of process on behalf of the organization they represent.

The Registered Agent must provide a physical address at which the agent is available for service of process. The agent may provide a PO Box address in addition to a physical address for receiving notice.

How do I change or update a Registered Agent? To change the registered agent, for a business registered with the Washington Secretary of State, you can go online and file a Statement of Change. This service is free of charge. You may also update your Registered Agent information at the time of filing your Annual Report.

How do I resign as a Registered Agent? In order to resign as the Registered Agent you must file with the Secretary of State's office the Statement of Resignation and follow the procedures under RCW 23.95.445. You may also file online using the Corporations and Charities Filing System.

How do I find a Registered Agent for my business? You may search the web or your local phone book for a list of registered agent services provided in Washington State.