Friday, July 19, 2024, Update at 1 p.m.: Services with the Corporations & Charities Division at are back online. Phone, chat, and in-person services will resume on Monday, July 22.

All Forms

Per WAC 434-120-035 online filing for the Charities Program is mandatory. There are some services that are not currently available, due to this there are .pdf fillable forms that can be submitted by mail to our office below for these services. Effective 1/1/2023 documents with or without payment received by mail will be returned to the submitter except for the forms provided below under "Mail-in only forms". 

While our office will assist in selecting the appropriate service type, and answer questions within our expertise and ministerial purpose, we cannot provide legal, financial, or tax advice. We strongly recommend contacting an attorney, accountant or other appropriate professionals to ensure that you are taking the proper steps.

Our office will make every attempt to review your completed document (filing or return as needed) in a timely fashion; however, it is the organization's responsibility to complete all sections as required by law accurately.

For those needing documents processed in an expedited manner, the Charities Program offers same-day service for in-person transactions. There are expedited services available for the documents that customers must submit by mail. The fee for same-day in-person service and expedited mail service is $100 per organization and is in addition to the required filing fee. Expedited mail processing will receive priority handling and should be processed within 2 to 3 business days of receipt.

Our office cannot determine if an organization is required to register with the Charities Program. Review our self-assessment guides below to determine if registration is required with the Charities Program per the RCWs. Additional links have been provided to the RCWs, please note that you can find the link for the WAC for Charities, Commercial Fundraisers, and Charitable Trusts here.

Self Assessment Guide - Charitable Organizations - RCW 19.09.020 (2)

Self Assessment Guide - Commercial Fundraisers - RCW 19.09.020 (5)

Self Assessment Guide - Charitable Trust - RCW 11.110.051

Commercial Coventurer: These are not recorded with our office. Review RCW 19.09.020 (4) to review the definition of a Commercial Coventurer.

Commercial Fundraising-Counsel/Consultant: These are not recorded with our office. Review RCW 19.09.020 (10) for the definition of a Commercial Fundraising-Counsel/Consultant.

Corporations & Charities Filing System

Online filing instructions Purpose of submission Mail-in only forms, online uploads, FAQs
Charitable Organizations RCW 19.09.020 (2) A Registration for a Charity, Charity Optional, and Commercial Fundraiser is submitted for organizations that have not previously been registered with our office or has been closed/involuntarily closed beyond 6 years. Trust Registration
Charity Registration A Registration for a Charitable Trust is only submitted for an organization that has not previously registered with our office. Trust Amendment
Charity Renewal A Renewal is submitted annually and is due by the end of the 11th month after the end of the fiscal year. A renewal can be submitted any time after the financial information that is due is finalized. Report of Merger: Charity Optional, Commercial Fundraiser, or Charitable Trust
Charity Re-Registration A Re-Registration for a Charity, Charity Optional, and Commercial Fundraiser is submitted if the organization has become involuntarily closed or had voluntarily closed. A Charitable Trust can only submit a Re-Registration once voluntarily closed under special circumstances, please contact our office for further details. Supplemental information and online uploads
Charity Amendment An Amendment is submitted if an organization has had changes to previously recorded information or the organization's fiscal year has changed. Per WAC 434-120-045 changes are to be reported to our office within 30 days of any changes. Online Instructions Frequently Asked Questions
Charity Closure A Closure for a Charity, Charity Optional, and Commercial Fundraiser is submitted if the organization has stopped solicitation and/or receiving donations from the general public in Washington State. Or if the organization has permanently ceased operations. Charity and Charity Optional Solicitation Report
Optional Registration A Fundraising Service Contract Registration is submitted when a Charity and a Commercial Fundraiser enter into a contract for the Commercial Fundraiser to solicit on behalf of the Charity. Charity and Charity Optional Solicitation Report Instructions
Optional Renewal A Fundraising Service Contract Amendment is submitted to provide changes to a contract that has previously been recorded with the Charities Program and has not yet expired. If the contract has expired a new Fundraising Service Contract Registration must be submitted with the original contract and all amendments to the contract. Commercial Fundraiser Solicitation Report
Optional Re-Registration A Closure for a Charitable Trust is submitted if the organization has ceased operations and all assets have been distributed if the organization determines it is no longer required to register. Commercial Fundraiser Solicitation Report Instructions
Optional Amendment   Trust Financial Report
Optional Closure   Trust Financial Report Instructions
Fundraising Service Contract Registration   Fundraising Service Contract Registration Form - required to be uploaded to the online submission
Fundraising Service Contract Amendment   Fundraiser Surety Bond
Commercial Fundraisers RCW 19.09.020 (5)   Charity and Charity Optional Supplemental Amendment for Re-Registrations
Fundraiser Registration   Commercial Fundraiser Supplemental Amendment for Re-Registrations
Fundraiser Renewal   Trust Supplemental Amendment for Re-Registrations
Fundraiser Re-Registration    
Fundraiser Amendment    
Fundraiser Closure    
Charitable Trusts RCW 11.110.051    
Trust Registration    
Trust Renewal    
Trust Re-Registration    
Trust Amendment    
Trust Closure