Feb. 8, 2023: All Nonprofit Annual Report, Articles of Incorporation and Reinstatement filings should be filed online via the Corporations and Charities Filings System. When logging into CCFS, please be sure to refresh and/or remove browser cache. The system requires you to reset your password every 120 days.

Feb. 8, 2023: In 2022 our office temporarily suspended the dissolution process for business entities. In Feb. 2023 our office is resuming standard dissolution processes. Effective immediately all delinquent business entities that have not successfully filed their 2022 Annual Report will be subject to dissolution. For additional details on the business entity’s next step please review the page My Business was Administratively Dissolved/Terminated


I need to update the Governors/Officers/Directors/Members/Managers.

Governors/Officers/Directors/Members/Managers may be updated on the annual report. If you need the changes made before it is due, an amended report form can be filed HERE. With the new laws, all positions are now listed as governor when you file documents in our office. The definition of governor includes all of the most common terms for various positions. See RCW 23.95.105 (12).

I need to remove my name from the business and public records.

Changes to records start internally with the corporation or LLC. The corporation or LLC will then need to update the public record with our office. If you have questions about removing your name from the internal business records please contact the business directly or seek legal advice.

My name appears on public record for a business I know nothing about.

Contact our office at [email protected] or 360-725-0377. You may also select this link to get more information to Prevent and Detect Business Identity Theft