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What is a member?

 as it applies to a...

Limited Liability Company


Members of a limited liability company (LLC) who may also be managers. LLC members are also considered the governors of the LLC.

Nonprofit (24.03A)


A person who has a right set forth in the articles or bylaws, not as a delegate, to select or vote for the election of directors or delegates or to vote on at least one type of fundamental transaction. Members of a Nonprofit are not considered governors of the Nonprofit.

How do I list Officers, Directors & Managers?
Per RCW 23.95.105 (12), all positions/titles are now listed as governor when you file the Annual Report with our office.

For some business structures, members, officers, and/or directors may be separately identified in the business’s formation documents (Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Formation, etc.) and subsequent Amendments. Review the appropriate RCWs to determine if the desired changes are allowed for your business type.

I need to update my Governor
A governor is commonly a business/individual who has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the business. You can update the governors listed by filing an annual report if you are within 180 days of your expiration date; if you are outside this 180-day window, you can file an amended Annual Report or Business Amendment if other information on record from your formation, incorporation, or registration require changes.

I need to remove my name from the business and public records.
Changes to records start internally with the corporation or LLC. Once approved internally, the corporation or LLC will need to update the public record with this office by filing the appropriate form. If you have questions about removing your name from the business's own internal business records, please contact the business directly or seek legal advice.

My name appears on public record for a business I know nothing about.

If you are listed as a registered agent and never signed a consent statement, you may follow the process per RCW 23.95.415(2).

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