Employee Suggestion Program Suggestion Eligibility

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An eligible suggestion is intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government through the following: 

  • Savings in dollars; 

  • Generation of revenue;

  • Elimination of waste or duplication; 

  • Improved service or product;

  • Energy conservation;

  • Improved working conditions, such as employee safety or morale. 

An Employee Suggestion Program suggestion can propose ideas that save money/generate revenue to be considered for a cash award of up to 10% of the first year's dollar savings from the idea. Suggestions that are intangible in nature -- such as improved safety or morale -- may be eligible for a one-time award up to $200.

  • The employee suggestion must be submitted before the idea is implemented. 

  • The suggester must research the impact and/or benefits of the suggestion. 

Ineligible Suggestions

  • Falls within the suggester's job duties;

  • Personal complaint; 

  • Changing salary, position, classification, employee benefits, state holidays, leave benefits, retirement compensation, or any other compensation to an employee; 

  • Enforcement of laws, policies, procedures, regulations, rules, etc. 

  • Outside purview of state government. 

If your suggestion is eligible based on the above information, please fill out the Employee Suggestion Program application.

For more information about suggestion eligibility, reach out to your agency coordinator or contact the Productivity Board at 360-725-0381 or [email protected].