2023 Primary Election Voters' Guide

Select a format to learn more about the candidates and measures on your ballot. 

VoteWA offers a voters' guide customized to the measures and races on your ballot. Enter the name and date of birth on your voter registration to access your personalized guide and ballot information.

State Online Voters' Guide provides information about state candidates. Use a mobile device or Chrome/Firefox browser to load this dynamic searchable guide.

County Online Voters' Guides provide information about county candidates. Click the "County Voters' Guides" link below to see all of the candidates running for office in your county. Your precinct determines which positions you may vote for, so you may see candidates in the complete county guide that do not appear on your ballot. Your personalized voters' guide at VoteWA.gov and mailed ballot will show which candidates you're eligible to vote for based on your precinct. 

County Voters' Guides