Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)

What is Automatic Voter Registration?

When providing proof of U.S. citizenship to complete certain transactions with Washington state agencies, a person is automatically registered to vote or have their information in the statewide voter registration database updated. One example is getting an Enhanced Driver’s License or ID with the Department of Licensing (DOL).

Washington state lawmakers first approved AVR in 2018.

What happens next?

After your information is processed, you will receive a confirmation in the mail from your county elections office.

How can I opt out?

Currently, you can opt out of AVR or updates when interacting at the state agency.

Beginning July 15, 2024, registrants who provide proof of U.S. citizenship will receive a notice in the mail with instructions on how to decline voter registration. The notice will be mailed within five (5) days of receipt of the voter registration application or election day. There will be no opportunity to opt-out at the state agency.

Will opting out of AVR impact my application for services?

No. Registering or declining to register will not affect the assistance provided to you by that agency. If you believe someone interfered with your right to register, or your right to privacy in deciding whether to register, you may file a complaint with the Washington State Elections Division.

How is AVR a good thing?
  • AVR lowers barriers to registration and only enrolls eligible citizens.
  • AVR streamlines voter registration updates, increasing the accuracy of voter roll information.
  • Many people forget to register or update their information in time for an election. With AVR, voters don’t have to worry about remembering registration deadlines or submitting an application.