Current Election Information

Quick links to data and resources for the current election.

November 7, 2023 is General Election Day.

Confirm or update your voter registration information today at If you are registered to vote, your ballot is mailed automatically and there's no need to request one. View the Online Voters' Guide or the list of Candidates Who Filed.

October 20 ballots are mailed out by county election offices no later than 18 days prior to election day. Ballots for eligible military and overseas voters are mailed 45 days prior.

October 30 is the deadline to register or update your address online. You may also register and vote in person at a county voting center through election day. 

What's on the November 7 ballot?

State judicial offices, local offices, and local propositions may appear on your ballot depending upon what's happening in your community. View the state's Online Voters' Guide or list of Candidates Who Filed.

For your customized online voter guide, please visit Use Firefox/Chrome/Edge or your mobile device to load the guide.

Your precinct determines which offices and measures are printed on your ballot, so you may see candidates in the complete online guide that do not appear on your ballot. Your customized voters' guide at and your mailed ballot will show which candidates you're eligible to vote for based on your precinct. 

Contact your local elections office and learn more.

Election Fact Sheet

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How do I register and vote in Washington?

Three Ways to Register

It's easy and secure to register online, by mail with a paper form, or at a county elections office. Check your registration at

Voting by Mail FAQ

Everything about voting in Washington. Additional quick links to USPS and Election Mail Resources.

What if I miss the deadline to register online or by mail?

Washington offers same day registration services through election day. After the 8-day deadline, you must register (or update) in person at a voting center. Contact your local county elections office for details.

Where do I vote?

At home! Your ballot materials are mailed to the address where you're registered to vote. Drop your signed ballot at an official drop box or return by mail, no stamp needed. In-person services and accessible voting devices are available through your local elections office or voting center until election day, 8 p.m.

Where can I find data for the current election?

2023 November General Election Data

The ballot status report, also known as the matchback report, contains ballots received, accepted, or challenged. Matching it back to the voter registration database reveals who has yet to vote. All voter information in the report is public information.

Ballot Return Statistics

The ballot return statistics report breaks down the number and percentage of ballots received by each county elections department.

Voter Registration Database | Request Form

Request a complete list of voters and publicly available information. The extract is large and may require particular expertise or tools to navigate.

Where can I find data and information about past elections?

Data & Research

This page contains links to publicly available election information for both current and historical data. Drilling down? Here's contact info for each county elections office.

Election Results and Voters' Pamphlets

Information on past elections, including results, voters' pamphlets, offices open for election, lists of candidates who filed, and other data.

Voter Registration Database | Request Form

Request a complete list of voters and publicly available information. The extract is large and may require particular expertise or tools to navigate.

Additional Links and Resources

District Maps Adopted February 2022 and downloadable from the Redistricting Commission. For 2021 and earlier, download precinct shapefiles.

Forms for Voters Missing Signature Form, Signature Update Form, Voter Registration Forms, and translated forms available.

Recounts Frequently Asked Questions.

Top 2 Primary: FAQs for Voters Washington voters do not register by party affiliation. There will be no party selection box on the envelope. You may vote for any candidate regardless of the candidate's party preference.

Guide to Registering Voters Learn about guidelines and deadlines for hosting a registration drive.

Candidate Resources Forms, guides, write-in candidate rules, and more.

Statewide Standards on What is a Vote Voter Intent Manual.

Wildfires and Voting Learn about voting while being displaced due to wildfires.

Risk-Limiting Audits Learn about risk-limiting audits in Washington.