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Charities Advisory Council

The Charities Advisory Council was created to advise the Secretary in determining training and educational needs of charitable organizations and model policies related to governance and administration of charitable organizations in accordance with fiduciary principles, assist the Secretary in identifying emerging issues and trends affecting charitable organizations, and advise the Secretary on other related issues at the request of the Secretary.

Council members are appointed by the Secretary and represents a broad range of charities by size, purpose, geographic region of the state, and general expertise in the management and leadership of charitable organizations. Members of the council represent types of professions such as fundraisers, attorneys, C.P.A.s', consultants, educators, university faculty, board members, authors, executive directors and philanthropists.


Below is Washington's Charitable Advisory Council for 2022-23.

  • Anne Anderson, Lake Stevens
  • Jill Barnes, Olympia
  • Patty Belmonte, Olympia
  • Sharif Burdzik, Vancouver
  • Howard Donkin, Seattle
  • Mary Kay Gugerty, Seattle
  • Robbi Kesler, Olympia
  • Peter Smith, Seattle
  • Martin Valadez, Pasco
  • Steve Wilmes, Yakima


The Council meets quarterly, but additional meetings may be called by the Secretary or the Council.

For more details about the Charitable Advisory Council, contact our Washington State Charities Division at, [email protected], or by telephone, (360) 725-0378.