2023 Primary Election

Ballot Status Reports

Ballot status reports are posted after 5 p.m. every business day, beginning two weeks prior to the election and continuing until the election is certified.

Also known as the matchback report, the ballot status reports contain ballots received, accepted, or challenged. All voter information in these reports is public information per RCW 29A.08.710. Usage of this data is subject to RCW 29A.08.740 and RCW 29A.08.720.

In these reports, “rejected” is a temporary term (in many cases) that means the ballot is being challenged. Most challenged ballots have until the day before certification to be cured with the proper form. The County Canvassing Boards, which met on August 15, are the only authority that can officially reject a ballot. For more information on challenged ballots, see our list of Ballot Status Codes.

2023 Primary Election Ballot Status Report [updated 8/22/23]

To view the Ballot Status Report for a specific county, follow these instructions using the report above, or contact us at [email protected].

Other Files

2023 Primary Reconciliation

Ballot Return Statistics

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For the 2023 Primary Election ballot return statistics, ballots from Garfield County were included in totals for Asotin County due to the extremely limited number of voters from Garfield County present in the election.