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Do you have a great idea that could save the state money or increase productivity? We would love to hear your ideas.

For Employee Suggestion Program suggestions with hard dollar savings and/or revenue, employees receive up to 10% of the total first year net savings/revenue, with a maximum award of $10,000 per suggestion. 

For suggestions where savings can’t be identified, or for cost avoidance ideas, employees can receive internal recognition up to $200. The type and level of recognition are determined by the agency.  

Here are some Employee Suggestion Program Application Tips.

Who is my agency coordinator?

To find who is facilitating suggestion applications for your agency, check our agency coordinator list.

If your agency or coordinator isn't listed, contact the Productivity Board staff at 360-725-0381 or [email protected].

How it works

Review the program’s eligibility criteria, and if your idea meets the requirements, please complete the application form. If you need assistance, please contact your agency's suggestion coordinator or the Productivity Board staff. 

To find who is facilitating suggestion applications for your agency, check our agency coordinator list

For cost saving or revenue generating suggestions you must provide a fiscal analysis.  This fillable Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet can be used to show your calculations. Submit the form using the button at the bottom of the page.

The Productivity Board staff will send your eligible suggestion to your agency. An evaluator will review the suggestion to determine if it is practical and should be adopted or not, and follow up with you within 45 days.   

If your agency determines that your idea has merit, we will send it to our board for consideration. The board makes the final decision and may request additional information.

Applications must be submitted prior to the implementation of the idea. Here are some Employee Suggestion Program Application Tips.

Get more information on the Employee Suggestion Program Guidelines.

What happens next

As part of your application, you will calculate the dollar savings to be realized, as well as the improvements your idea will make to overall productivity in the agency. Your agency will have a subject matter expert to analyze your suggestion and choose to approve it or not approve it. Approved suggestions are eligible to receive 10% of the first-year savings paid to you by your agency, with a maximum award of $10,000.   

When your suggestion and its evaluation is reviewed by the board, you may be asked to provide additional information, or attend a board meeting to discuss your idea. If the board chooses not to adopt your suggestion, you can appeal their decision once and give more information telling why you feel it should be adopted. If the appeal is denied we will close the suggestion file.

Examples of past ideas

  • A State Trooper suggested that their agency have each local district enter into low-bid contracts for tow services. The idea saved $64,000.​

  • A supervisor at the Washington Corrections Center for Women recommended that the Department of Corrections sell fluorescent light bulbs instead of in­candescent light bulbs at inmate stores, saving over $250,000 over 10 years.

  • A Department of Transportation employee suggestion was to install a light that would indicate to the driver when it was time to shift in the 525 trucks in the fleet with manual transmissions. This simple change resulted in $1,801,800 in first-year savings (more than $3,400 per truck), and helped reduce emissions.

Send in your suggestion

View and complete the Employee Suggestion Program application

Here are some Employee Suggestion Program Application Tips.

Describe the specific problem and provide a workable solution. Supply as much detail as possible and include examples or attachments to validate your idea. Sign and date the form.

When a suggestion is submitted by more than one employee, any resulting award will be shared by the co-suggester entered on the suggestion form. If there is no co-suggester, please skip to the Suggestion Information section. 

If your suggestion is a team project, please fill out a Teamwork Incentive Program application.

Reach out to your agency coordinator if you have questions or need assistance, or contact the Productivity Board staff at 360-725-0381 or [email protected].