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State Records Committee

State Records Committee (RCW 40.14.050)
Powers and Duties of the State Records Committee (chapter 434-624 WAC)

State Agency Schedule Approval Process (December 2017)

Committee Members
State Records Committee Photo

(Left to Right)

Suzanne Becker - Attorney General's Representative (Vice-Chair)

Al Rose - State Auditor's Representative (Chair)

Gwen Stamey - Office of Financial Management's Representative

Steve Excell - State Archivist (Secretary)


Next Meeting - 10am February 3, 2021

Note: Agenda and meeting packet will be available approximately 3-4 weeks before the meeting.

The following records retention schedules are being considered for approval:

  1. Central Washington University Records Retention Schedule v.1.5 - ( Summary of Changes )
  2. Department of Transportation Records Retention Schedule v.1.11 - ( Summary of Changes )
  3. University of Washington Records Retention Schedule v.2.15 - ( Summary of Changes )

The following records retention schedule is being considered for revocation:

  1. Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee Records Retention Schedule v.1.0 (March 2014) *** WITHDRAWN BY AGENCY ***