As of Monday, July 20, 2020, the Washington State Archives branches in Olympia and Ellensburg are open to researchers by appointment only. For more information, please visit our page regarding the closure.

State Records Committee

State Records Committee (RCW 40.14.050)
Powers and Duties of the State Records Committee (chapter 434-624 WAC)

State Agency Schedule Approval Process (December 2017)

Committee Members
State Records Committee Photo

(Left to Right)

Suzanne Becker - Attorney General's Representative (Vice-Chair)

Al Rose - State Auditor's Representative (Chair)

Gwen Stamey - Office of Financial Management's Representative

Steve Excell - State Archivist (Secretary)


Next Meeting - 10am October 7, 2020

Note: Agenda and meeting packet will be available approximately 3-4 weeks before the meeting.

The following records retention schedules are being considered for approval (in agenda order):

  1. Department of Fish and Wildlife Records Retention Schedule v.1.11 - ( Summary of Changes )
  2. Department of Licensing Records Retention Schedule v.1.1 - ( Summary of Changes )
  3. Department of Transportation Records Retention Schedule v.1.9 - ( Summary of Changes )
  4. Eastern Washington University Records Retention Schedule v.1.1 - ( Summary of Changes )
  5. Military Department Records Retention Schedule v.1.5 - ( Summary of Changes* UPDATED *
  6. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Records Retention Schedule v.2.0 - ( Summary of Changes )
  7. Office of the Lieutentent Governor Records Retention Schedule v.1.0 - ( Summary of Changes )