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May 4, 2023: When logging into the Corporations and Charities Filings System “CCFS”, please be sure to refresh and/or remove browser cache. The system requires you to reset your password every 120 days. All Nonprofit Annual Report, Articles of Incorporation and Reinstatement filings should be filed online via CCFS.

May 4, 2023: Effective February 3, 2023, our office has resumed the automated Administrative Dissolution process, which had been temporarily suspended on June 3, 2022. All delinquent business entities that have not successfully filed their 2022 Annual Report will be subject to Administrative Dissolution.  To learn more about what steps your business needs to take next, please refer to our "My Business was Administratively Dissolved" page for additional details.

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WSR-23-11-158 Proposed Rulemaking CR102. Filed May 24, 2023

OTS-4608.2 Amended Sections. Filed May 24, 2023

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  • Online filing required for the Charities Program

    Per WAC 434-120-035 online filing is required for the charities program. Effective 1/1/2023 mailed documents will be returned to the submitter.
  • 2022 Nonprofit Law and Process Changes

    In 2021 the state Legislature passed the Nonprofit Corporations Act (RCW 24.03A), which took effect on Jan. 1, 2022. Due to the significant changes in law, we are still updating our online Corporations & Charities Filing System (CCFS) to implement these changes.   We understand…
  • Misleading notices to businesses

    Consumer Alert! We have been made aware that new versions of old and misleading solicitations are circulating to recently registered businesses. These solicitations take multiple forms: WA Certificate Service — Certificate of Existence Request Form This request does not come from our office. A certificate of existence can be ordered online…