First Tuesdays

First Tuesdays

First Tuesdays was designed as a continuing-education opportunity for staff of libraries in Washington State. This free web presentation, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., allows attendees to share their skills and successes and learn about new topics. The special-subject presentations, lasting about 60 minutes, are recorded so that others may listen at their own convenience.

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Making Sense of the Numbers—Health Numeracy and You (and Me). February 6, 2018, 9:00 AM PACIFIC

As health care becomes more sophisticated and complex, it's more and more likely that we will face situations where we have to use numerical skills to figure out our own treatment choices. Our capacity to deal with the numerical component of health information is called "health numeracy" and it's an aspect of health literacy, but is not the same thing (people can have high literacy and low numeracy, and you can't tell by looking what a person's numeracy level is!).  The challenges relating to numeracy are many, and can defeat even people with the best intentions (including health care providers). Librarians and other service providers to the public already play crucial roles, serving as trusted information providers! In this session we'll learn more about health numeracy and how it plays a role in our health, discuss the ways that library staff and others already work with users around numbers and health, and some best practices to make our assistance even more effective. Presented by Ann Glusker, National Network of Libraries of Medicine—Pacific Northwest Region.

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