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Express Annual Report

How to easily file an annual report without a user account or password
Creating a User Account
Easy steps to create a user account when registering a new business entity, and making changes to an existing entity
Registering a Business Entity
Follow these easy steps to create a new business entity

Simple Business Search

Please use the Corporations & Charities Filing System Advanced Search for complete detailed information about a business. The business search provided here is a courtesy for quick reference. Thank you.

Important News

To improve service to the business community, the nonprofit and charities community, and all other customers we serve, we have launched a new online Corporations and Charities Filing System (CCFS).

  • Create and file your Articles of Incorporation
  • Create a Certificate of Formation to start your LLC
  • File your required annual reports; and
  • Search, retrieve, and print from over 9 million business records for FREE!
Get started in the new CCFS system

 Search historical corporations documents (prior to 2004) at the Digital Archives. All documents filed with the Corporations Division are considered public record.