Plane from the Puget Sound Airlines School of Aviation, n.d., Records of the Port of Bellingham, Photographs, 1890-1999, Washington State Archives, Digital Archives.


The development of air travel has had a tremendous impact on transportation systems and economic conditions throughout the world.


Start with secondary sources 

Use secondary sources to gain basic knowledge of your topic, its significance, and historical context.

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Then use primary sources

Use primary sources to deepen your understanding of the topic, and assemble evidence to support your own analysis and interpretation.

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Some key historical research questions:


  • How has aviation affected travel routes?
  • How has air transport and travel affected the economy locally and throughout the world?
  • How does the aircraft manufacturing industry reflect changes that have occurred in Washington’s population, economy and culture since World War II?
  • Who was William Boeing and why was he an important figure in the history of aviation?
  • Why was the relationship between Boeing Airplane Company and United Airlines important to the history of aviation in the United States?
  • What was the Dash-80?
  • Consider other possibilities for historical questions as you analyze and interpret this topic.


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