WTBBL offers free subscriptions to many popular magazines, newsletters, and sports schedules on digital cartridge, in braille, and in large print.  All digital cartridge and braille magazines are also available for download from the Braille and Audio Downloads (BARD) website.

Available Magazines:

A full list of available magazines can be found through our parent organization, the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Magazine List.

For more information about magazines available in alternative formats, contact WTBBL's magazine desk directly at 206-615-0416.

Digital Magazine Information

Magazine container

Digital magazines are sent in a thin, burgundy colored plastic container. The digital cartridge loan period for weekly publications is one week after you receive them. The cartridge loan period for monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly publications is one month after you receive them. In some cases you may receive a magazine cartridge that has more than one magazine on it. Magazines that have monthly, bimonthly or quarterly publications and weekly publications will have a loan period of one month.

The NLS digital talking-book player is equipped with a bookshelf feature to assist you in navigating your digital cartridge. To activate the bookshelf feature, press and hold the green, rectangular Play/Stop button on your player until you hear a beep. After you hear the beep you can press the Fast Forward (FF) button to the right of the Play/Stop button to advance to the next magazine.