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Washington State Library COVID-19 Resources

Learn, Practice, Certify!

The Washington State Library has received funding since 2014 to help bridge the digital and IT skills gap in Washington State by providing access to high quality online courses and self-directed learning through our public libraries. The State Legislature, recognizing the unique position libraries play as trusted providers of lifelong learning resources, the access offered by virtue of physical presence in our communities, and knowledgeable staff as a support, approved funding to provide statewide access to a collection of resources that has evolved with the changing needs of workers, employers, and business. Through this project, all Washingtonians have the opportunity to gain basic digital skills, move up in their current job or career, and to explore and begin new careers in computer programming and IT. The best way to validate independent, self-directed learning to employers is through industry-recognized certification.

The Microsoft LinkedIn Learning project currently funds access to a complete pathway to success, from learning and practice to certification.

Our exam partner Certiport, mindful of the many adjustments schools are making to ensure the safety of students and faculty, including physical campus closures and a move to distance or online learning, is pleased to provide FREE 90-Day access to their most popular web-based learning resources, including online practice exams and on-demand video-based courses. Access codes for LearnKey, GMetrix Practice Exams, Jasperactive, BrainBuffet, Pearson, and Unity are provided below.

You will need to create a GMetrix account to access any of the resources listed above.  Access codes are valid until June 16, 2020.  Once you've created your GMetrix account, you may redeem codes for the products you wish to use.

Learn using resources from the Microsoft Imagine Academy and (through your local public library) with a valid library card and PIN, or through the State Library.  In addition, the following resources are available, courtesty of Certiport and individual vendors, until June 18, 2020.  Please note that learning resources are available for exam not supported by the Washington State Library's Microsoft LinkedIn Learning Program:

Product Description Access Code

Jasperactive supports all learning styles, is accessible anywhere, and provides freedom to learn at any pace.  Begin by taking a benchmark assessment, and based on those results, the platform creates lessons, quizzes, and other various exercises. Includes GMetrix practice tests! Available in English and Spanish.

Exams Covered:  MOS 2016

On-demand education and employability training solutions through engaging, video-based eCourses.  Project-based learning lessons, workbooks with hands on activities, and auto-graded quizzes reinforce learning.

Exams Covered:  ACA CS6, CC 2015, 2018/2019; ACU, CompTIA; IC3 GS5; MOS 2013, 2016, 2019/365; MTA; Intro to Programming; Quickbooks; Communication Skills for Business; Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Online, video-based, content-rich, real world projects allow students to train by practicing using the software. Self-paced learning allows students to learn at their own rate to ensure they fully grasp the concepts and gain the skills necessary to pass the certification exams. 

Exams Covered:  MOS 2016; ACA CS6, CC 2015, 2018/2019

Pearson provides certification prep content.  Foundation-level courses based on the Adobe Press “Learn Adobe” series plus text, video, quizzes, and full instructor resources. Video-based courses for three programming MTA titles, with a full range of exercises and assessments.

Exams Covered:  ACA CC18/CC19; MTA (Intro to Programming using Python/HTML & CSS/Java)

A structured, self-study program that includes everything needed to pass the Unity Certified User Programming exam. In about 20 hours, using the GMetrix platform, students learn the Unity platform, C# programming, and game development fundamentals by following the hands-on production of multiple working projects in both 2D and 3D including:  12 video-based modules with accompanying text references for key concepts; 3 distinct, complete projects with associated assets to complete in the Unity Editor; Embedded challenges and quizzes to reinforce learning

Exams Covered:  Unity Certified User

TeachMe3D is a complete training tool for Autodesk Inventor and Revit, designed specifically for middle schools, high schools and robotics teams.

Exams Covered:  Autodesk Inventor and Revit

Login at with username:  certify4success

password:  teachme


Practice with software and GMetrix practice tests. GMetrix:  multiple practice tests available for each exam, available in training mode (not timed, immediate feedback given after each question) & testing mode (timed, replicates the certification exam environment). Students receive a printable score report highlighting areas that require further review.  Practice tests are available for the following exams: ACA CS6, CC 2015, 2018/2019; ACU, CompTIA; IC3 GS5; MOS 2013, 2016, 2019/365; MTA; Intro to Programming; Quickbooks; Communication Skills for Business; Entrepreneurship & Small Business.  Use access code:  43227-WSLCOVID-97446.

Certify - locate your nearest Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) , a WSL-partner public or tribal library, or college - and  take a certification exam ($35 - $160 each, depending on the exam; FREE for Washington residents).

Entry - level digital literacy and software certifications currently supported by the Microsoft LinkedIn Learning project include:  Internet Core Computing Certification (IC3), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE), Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), Quickbooks, Unity Certified User (UCU), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Technical Certification (MTC)

Start with IC3 to prove digital literacy skills in 3 areas – Basic Computing, Productivity, and Living Online, then amp up your productivity software skills and get MOS certified in one or more Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access).  Proficiency with Microsoft Office software programs is the third most requested job-skill—across all occupations and employers. Being certified in one or more Office programs is the best way to prove to employers that you have the skills needed to be successful. Students also benefit from increased productivity, and can earn college credit - Washington colleges award credits through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA); certification proves competency).

Achieving Certification will enable you to confidently enter the workforce with proven technical skills and an internationally recognized industry credential, both of which can significantly increase your chances of finding employment and your eligibility for career advancement.

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