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Statewide Projects and Initiatives

Current projects


Ask-WA is a cooperative of more than 60 libraries throughout Washington State, both public and academic, providing online reference services through chat, email, and instant messaging (IM) technologies. This statewide network is tied in to a global network allowing access to 24/7 live online reference services for every participating library and its users.

Digital Literacy in Washington State

The Washington State Library is pleased to provide this portal combining digital literacy tools developed in Washington State as well as national project information about Digital Literacy for libraries and the public. Resources include help with computing skills, job seeking, online security and safety, tech tips & terminology, accessibility, portals, and training for libraries.

Downloadable Audiobooks for Washington

The goal of this project is to allow residents of Washington State access to downloadable audiobooks by negotiating a statewide price that would make the product more affordable for libraries.

Early Learning Support

The Washington State Library believes it is never too early to learn and is a partner in several exciting projects that support the growth of young minds.

eReader and eBook Resources

Library users are increasingly asking libraries for more downloadable eBook content. In addition library users also expect library staff to be able to assist them with their eBook readers as they download materials from library websites. The goal of the pilot program is to develop "best practices." Participants in the pilot program will be expected to share their eBook reader experiences with other libraries in the state. This will be done at least twice via the Elluminate software. Participants will also be expected to contribute their information about their experiences for a proposed WLA program. One written report at the end of the program will also be expected.

K-20 Network

State Library staff coordinate the connection of public libraries to the K-20 Educational Network, a high speed data network serving educational institutions throughout Washington State.

Library as Open Education Leader

Library as Open Education Leader (previously Library as Instructional Leader) expands upon an earlier LSTA grant, "Information Literacy in Washington Community and Technical Colleges" (2003 – 2008) that focused on promoting information literacy (IL) in the state's community and technical colleges by providing professional development and collaborative project grants in authentic assessment of information literacy for librarians.  In this project, additional opportunities will be made available for librarians to become aware of the needs of pre-college students and faculty.

Living Well in Washington

We've compiled resources and training to assist libraries in dealing with new information demands during these rough economic times. Resource topics include job hunting, resume writing, computer instruction, and helpful economic websites. We've also created a community where libraries can share best practices and resources with other libraries.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

The Microsoft Imagine Academy program provides industry-leading technology skills to help bridge the skills gap. With Microsoft Imagine Academy institutions get digital curriculum and certifications on fundamental technology skills—as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today's technologically evolving world—all at significantly reduced pricing for academic institutions and their educators, students, and staff.


Connecting to Collections will create a model statewide plan for preserving Washington's cultural heritage collections.

Statewide Database Licensing

The SDL project coordinates the efforts of nearly 2,000 libraries to purchases a statewide license for online, full-text, periodical and newspaper databases and facilitates group purchases of other electronic resources.

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Summer Reading Program

The Washington State Library has joined a consortium to provide children with summer reading program materials through their public libraries.

Teacher-Librarian Core Cadre (TLC3)

An initiative that will support the implementation of Common Core in Washington public schools. While the TLC3 direct trainings will target teacher-librarians, TLC3 resources and professional development tools will be available to all educators and school administrators, public librarians, and communities engaged with Common Core implementation.

Washington Rural Heritage

Washington Rural Heritage is a new initiative undertaken by the Washington State Library to establish a statewide digital repository and provide the infrastructure and training to both digitize and serve historically unique collections to a widespread audience.

Wayfinder: The Catalog of Washington Libraries

The Wayfinder catalog provides a single search for locating materials held in over 250 Washington libraries, with the eventual goal of including all of Washington’s libraries. This project leverages local library systems and increases visibility for library collections statewide.

Previous Projects and Initiatives (no longer active)

Connecting Learners to Libraries

The Connecting Learners to Libraries Initiative seeks to improve students' ability to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information to become independent life-long learners by encouraging collaborative efforts among libraries, learners, and schools through information literacy activities, opportunities, and demonstration projects.

Connecting Libraries through Resource Sharing

The purpose of Connecting Libraries through Resource Sharing (CLRS) grant cycle is to encourage cooperation among public libraries in counties where inter-local agreements to share materials do not exist by providing grant funds for collection development with materials to be rotated between partnering libraries.

Connecting the Dots

Although public libraries in the state of Washington have taken an active role in supporting the development of early learning, particularly in the area of emergent literacy, the success of such programs has been difficult to prove due to the lack of outcome-based evaluation models and documentation of best practices. Connecting the Dots will address this critical need by supporting the development of research-based methodologies and tools that can demonstrate the effectiveness of Washington’s public libraries as hubs for community-based early learning initiatives.

Early Achievers Outreach Partnership

The Early Achievers Outreach Partnership (EAOP) initiative is a competitive grant awarded to 28 public librares enabling them to support public awareness and family engagement outcomes in the RTT-ELC grant.

Early Learning Initiative

The three-year Early Learning Initiative was designed to educate public library staff about emerging brain research in children from birth through pre-school age.

Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library Initiative

A two-year early literacy grant funded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Information Literacy ( - no longer active)

A WSL sponsored website to instruct consumers in getting reliable information (from libraries and from the Web) and using it intelligently.

K-12 Initiative

The K-12 Library Initiative was formed to provide school librarians with the skills, tools and training needed to make a positive impact on student achievements. The initiative focuses on curriculum development, collaboration, technology resources, leadership and advocacy, and evaluation.

LibraryNow: The library app for Washington

The Washington State Library is partnering with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation on a mobile application that will connect citizens to their library and its services. Public, tribal, and non-profit academic libraries are eligible to participate in the project.

One Book

This project assists libraries in developing or expanding One Book One Community efforts.

Renew Washington

This grant program awarded funds to libraries across the state to help them provide assistance, resources, and training to unemployed and underemployed people in their local communities.

Statewide Library Outreach Training Initiative

The Statewide Library Outreach Training Initiative is designed to enhance the skill of library staff in marketing library services, advocating for their libraries, and developing partnerships.

Supporting Student Success

Supporting Student Success is designed to assist school and public libraries to work together for the success of K-12 students in completion of Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs).

Virtual Reference Project

The Statewide Virtual Reference Project enables libraries to use a variety of electronic methods--email, the internet, and evolving technology--to connect citizens with information from sources and experts worldwide.

Washington Preservation Initiative

The Washington Preservation Initiative preserves historical library collections in all formats, to give citizens access to collections and help library staff develop preservation expertise.

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