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Previous Events, Programs and Speakers*

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Many Washington State Library events have been filmed, starting in Season Three (2004-2005), and are available on DVD from the State Library. Titles are linked to the DVD entry in the catalog. 

All DVD's are available to check out.  If you are not able to check them out in person, you may request an item be sent to you through your local library.   These interlibrary loan requests must be initiated at your local library.

List of Former Speakers

2002-2003 - The Inaugural Season
2003-2004 Season 2 
2004-2005 Season 3
2005-2006 Season 4
2006-2007 Season 5
2007-2008 Season 6
2008-2009 Season 7
2009-2010 Season 8
2010-2011 Season 9
2013-2014 Season 10
2014-2015 Season 11


*Note: The Washington State Library no longer administers or hosts the Governor's Writers Day Awards.  The awards, rebranded as the Washington State Book Awards, are now administered by the Washington Center for the Book at Seattle Public Library.  You may view recipients from 2001 to present-day or review submission guidelines and access the entry form for the current award season via the Washington Center for the Book resource page.

The history of the Governor's Writers Day Awards and a list of the recipients from 1966 - 2000 can be accessed here



2014-2015 Season 11:

  • 12/11/2014: Bill Lindstrom, Author: John Tornow: Villain or Victim?
  • 10/01/2014: Dale Sadler, and Duane Colt Denfeld,Joint Base Lewis-McChord: Hidden Voices: Audio Archaeology at Madigan Army Hospital’s Radio Station

2013-2014 Season 10:

  • 04/25/2013: Jack Field and Rick Nelson, Washington Cattlemen's Association: Raising Livestock in Washington & the State Wolf Management Plan
  • 04/18/2013: Peter Reid and Barbara Seal Ogle, Washington State Parks Foundation: Schafer State Park
  • 03/21/2013: Linda Saunders, Wolf Haven International: The Wolves of Washington
  • 03/14/2013: Lorna and Darrell Smith, Western Wildlife Outreach: The Way of the Wolf: The Return of the Gray Wolf to Washington State
  • 03/07/2013: Cindy Irwin and Diane Gallegos, Wolf Haven International: The Wolves of Washington

2010-2011 Season 9:

2009-2010 Season 8:

  • 02/10/2010: Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring: Pressing Matters: The Feminist Broadside Series.
  • Television Icon01/30/2010: The Ruddell Riddle
  • 11/12/2009: Richard LeMieux. Breakfast At Sally's: One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey.
  • 10/22/2009: Carla Rickerson. The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.
  • 10/15/2009: Laura Daugereau. First Washington Woman in the Iditarod.

2008-2009 Season 7:

2007-2008 Season 6:

2006-2007 Season 5:

 2005-2006 Season 4:

2004-2005 Season 3:

 2003-2004 Season 2:

  • 06/03/04: Carl Allen.  Roll on Columbia:  Woody Guthrie and the Columbia River Songs.
  • 05/07/04: The Tweney '89: Pacific Northwest History Conference presentation in Olympia.  By Marlys Rudeen and Kathryn Hamilton Wang.  Friday, May 7.
  • 05/04/04: Roger Wendlick.  Remembering the Lewis & Clark Expedition:  One Man’s Effort to Preserve the Historic Journey.   Sponsored in part by:  Wessel and Lieberman Booksellers Inc. of Seattle.
  • 04/22/04: Judith Upton.  On the Cutting Room Floor:  The Untold Stories of Gate, Washington.  (A Brown Bag Event)
  • 04/15/04: Chief Justice Gerry Alexander.  Frontier Justice in Washington Territory and the John R. Jackson House.
  • 03/25/04: Roger B. Fernandes.  Star Babies and Whistling Grandmothers:  Mythic Stories of the Puget Salish Tribes.  (An Inquiring Mind Speaker)
  • 03/11/04: Renee Bowen Corcoran.  A Pioneer Woman:  North of the Columbia, 1846.  (A Brown Bag Event)
  • 02/18/04: Marlys Rudeen and Andrea Watts.  Washington State Historical Documents.  (A Brown Bag Event)
  • Television Icon01/29/04: Gary Lentz.  Journals, Pens & Ink:  A Personal Journey with Lewis and Clark.
  • 12/04/03: William Woodward.  Wars in Early Washington:  The Ironies of Human Conflict.  (An Inquiring Mind Speaker)
  • 10/23/03: Vivian and Phil Williams.  Fiddling Down the Oregon Trail.  (An Inquiring Mind Speaker)

2002-2003 - The Inaugural Season:

  • 08/28/03: Thank you Reception.  Ice-Cream Social.  Held Thursday, August 28, 2003.
  • 05/29/03: Jack Nisbet.  Down the Columbia River with David Thompson.  (An Inquiring Mind Speaker)
  • 04/24/03: Dr. Weldon Rau.  Book signing.  Pioneering the Washington Territory.
  • 04/11/03: WLA presentation in Yakima by Steve Willis, Marlys Rudeen, and Kathryn Hamilton Wang.
  • 03/25/03: Denny Heck.  Book signing.  The Enemy You Know.
  • 03/02/03: Sesquicentennial Celebration.  At the Temple of Justice,
  • 02/25/03: Barry Herem.  Slide show.  Arts of the Raven Coast.  (Inquiring Mind Speaker)
  • 01/28/03: George Scott.  Book signing.  Majority of One.
  • 01/13/03: Flora and Fauna of the Lewis and Clark Expedition:  A Woodcarving Exhibit January 13-17, 2003 in the WSL lobby.
  • 11/14/02: Robert Ficken.  Book signing.  Washington Territory. 

Previous Authors, Speakers & Presenters:

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Chief Justice Gerry Alexander
Carl Allen
Doug Allen
Nancy Bell Anderson


Marianne Binetti
Bruce Bjornstad
Susan Butruille


Linda Carlson
Renee Bowne Corcoran


Laura Daugereau
Jeff Davis
Dick Dougherty


Raymond J. Egan
Les Eldridge
Al Eufrasio


Roger B. Fernandes
Robert Ficken
Jack Field
Joe Follansbee


Samuel Green
Mary Matsuda Gruenewald


Karen Haas
Jack Hamann
Barry Herem
Denny Heck
Rick Hobbs
Craig Holstine
Cyndi Howells
Linda Hunt


Cindy Irwin


Ruth Kirk
Larry Kreisman


Tom Laidlaw
Richard LeMieux
Gary Lentz
Jim Lynch


Harvest Moon


Terri Nelson
Rick Nelson
Jack Nisbet


Barbara Seal Ogle
Chandler O'Leary


Lucia Perillo
Susan Noyes Platt
Patrick Pringle


Mary Randlett
Dr. Weldon Rau
Peter Reid
Carla Rickerson


George Scott
Jessica Spring
Sydney Stevens
Randolph Stilson


Judith Upton


Mike Vouri


Jess Walter
Andrea Watts
Roger Wendlick
Dr. A.G. “Doc” Wesselius
Vivian and Phil Williams
Bryan Willis
Fritz Wolff
William Woodward


David Yamiguchi


Rex Ziak

Genealogy Events

View past events online:

Online Genealogy Resources handout from the presentation at Puyallup Library on Dec. 11, 2012.

Genealogy Resource handout from the Crosby Genealogy Event in Spokane on March 5, 2011.

Check out the books from our Genealogy Collection that we displayed at the Washington State Genealogical Society Annual Conference on September 18, 2010.

Ruddell Riddle - January 30, 2010.
Kim Smeenk, Public Services Librarian from the State Library, presented a session on Finding Families: an introduction to Genealogy.  You can view her session, as well as all of the others presented at this all day event, at this web site.

Washington Genealogy Online Webinar - January 12, 2010.
As part of the Ref-22 series, Kim Smeenk, Public Services Librarian at the Washington State Library, presented a webinar covering great tools and techniques to help you answer genealogy questions using online resources. Kim focused on the resources available to people doing Washington State genealogical research.

Tracking Kurt Cobain through Washington Vital Records - October 28, 2008.
Using Kurt Cobain's family as an example, Kathryn Devine & Kim Smeenk, Public Service Librarians at the Washington State Library, will take you through what vital records are available in Washington state, and how you can access and use them in your genealogical research.