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The Digital Age and the need for improved access to Government information have caused an explosion in the number of electronic Washington State publications issued on the Web. The 2006 Legislature passed HB 2156 to ensure permanent public access to public state government publications, regardless of the format.

Working in collaboration with State agencies and the Digital Archives, the State Library is expanding the current State Publications Depository Program to include a Digital Depository that will capture, preserve and make available to the public electronic state publications.

To Download MARC Catalog Records

From the State Library Catalog:
Mark and Save desired records in Book Cart.
Click on Book Cart button
Click on Export Saved List
Select MARC Format
Select Local Disk
Click on Submit
Name file (using .mrc extension) and Save.

From OCLC:
Use the Bib util# listed at the bottom of each record to search in WorldCat.