2020 Electoral College Electors

December 14 at 12:00 PM in Olympia, Washington

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, only authorized personnel and participants will be permitted to attend the ceremony. A live broadcast will be available for the public on TVW.

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Each presidential candidate or party nominating a candidate submits a list of 12 names as a slate of electors. These 12 Electors sign a pledge to vote for the nominee of the party that they represent (RCW 29A.56).

After the General Election is certified, the winning candidate's electors travel to Olympia for the official casting of votes on December 14, 2020. The other parties' electors no longer participate in the process.

Democratic Party Electors
Position Name
Elector 1 Martin Chaney
Elector 2 Jack Arends
Elector 3 Jackie Lane
Elector 4 Patsy Whitefoot
Elector 5 Nancy Monacelli
Elector 6 Julie Johnson
Elector 7 Sophia Danenberg
Elector 8 Jen Carter
Elector 9 Bryan Kesterson
Elector 10 Julian Wheeler
Elector 11 Santiago Ramos
Elector 12 Payton Swinford
Alternate Elector 1 Jeff Beaulac
Alternate Elector 2 Carolyn Brock
Alternate Elector 3 Lyn Idahosa
Alternate Elector 4 David Green
Alternate Elector 5 Chris Porter
Alternate Elector 6 Linda Jenkins
Alternate Elector 7 Elizabeth Fisher
Alternate Elector 8 Chad Hunter
Alternate Elector 9 John Frank
Alternate Elector 10 Delia Jampel
Alternate Elector 11 Margaret Mattmiller
Alternate Elector 12 Jay Petterson
Republican Party Electors
Position First
Elector 1 Eric Rohrbach
Elector 2 Timothy Hazelo
Elector 3 Ronald Averill
Elector 4 Richard Bilskis
Elector 5 Dan Wallace
Elector 6 Elizabeth Kreiselmaier
Elector 7 Craig Keller
Elector 8 Tamara Flaherty
Elector 9 Timothy Tow
Elector 10 Colleen Wise
Elector 11 Arthur Coday
Elector 12 Sandi Peterson
Libertarian Party Electors
Position Name
Elector 1 Nathan Deily
Elector 2 Miguel Duque
Elector 3 Nicholas Coelho
Elector 4 Larry Nicholas
Elector 5 Data Logan
Elector 6 Whitney Davis
Elector 7 Ciaran Dougherty
Elector 8 Steve Hansen
Elector 9 Larry Hovde
Elector 10 Will Leonard
Elector 11 Randy McGlenn
Elector 12 Anna Johnson
Green Party Electors
Position Name
Elector 1 Jody Thorsen Grage
Elector 2 Cynthia J. Sellers
Elector 3 Margaret J. Elisabeth
Elector 4 Stonewall Bird
Elector 5 Scott Charles Thompson
Elector 6 Bruce Radtke
Elector 7 Charles Law
Elector 8 Richard A. Redick
Elector 9 Frank Lockwood
Elector 10 Noah Martin
Elector 11 Colin Bartlett
Elector 12 Daniel Bumbarger
Socialism and Liberation Party Electors
Position Name
Elector 1 Jane N. Cutter
Elector 2 Andrew T. Freeman
Elector 3 Emily Forschmiedt
Elector 4 Sean Connolly
Elector 5 Jacob Nasrallah
Elector 6 Gregory Plancich
Elector 7 Ryan Oliveira
Elector 8 Nicolas Boone
Elector 9 Mitchell Malloy
Elector 10 Mario Carbonell
Elector 11 Eric Buerk
Elector 12 Charles A Susat
Socialist Workers Party Electors
Position Name
Elector 1 Michele Ann Smith
Elector 2 Patricia Ann Scott
Elector 3 Sara Jane Gates
Elector 4 Keith Bryan Smith
Elector 5 Mary Juanita Martin
Elector 6 Edwin B. Fruit
Elector 7 Scott A. Breen
Elector 8 Barbara Anne Kline
Elector 9 Rashaad Ali
Elector 10 Robert Bruneau
Elector 11 Dean Denno
Elector 12 Leah Beth Finger

*Ballot order for Major Political Parties is determined by the number of votes for that party's ticket in the last presidential election. Minor Parties and Independent Candidates appear in the order they qualify to the ballot.

**Contact the political party for more information about their respective slate of electors.

Casting Votes

Each Elector casts two votes separately, one for the President and one for the Vice President.

Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act of 2019 – SB5074

If the Elector votes for a person other than the statewide popular vote winner of the state of Washington, then the pledge is broken and an Alternate provided by the same party replaces the Elector. If the Alternate also votes for someone other than their pledged vote, another Alternate will take their place. If the list of Alternates is exhausted, then the remaining Electors must nominate and vote in a new Alternate.

Previously in Washington

In 2016, Washington voters elected Democratic Nominee, Hilary Clinton, to receive all 12 Electoral College Votes. Four of the twelve electors chose to vote for someone other than their party's nominee. The Secretary of State fined all four electors $1,000 each for violating their pledge. This process was challenged and went all the way to the Supreme Court where, by unanimous decision, ruled an elector could be required to vote as the state permits.

National Popular Vote Agreement

Washington State enacted SB5599 in 2009, which devotes all the state's electors to whomever wins the national popular vote regardless of the state winner. This only takes effect when the combined number of electoral votes from participating member states is larger the majority of total electoral votes.