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Redistricting and Census Timeline



January Census opens field office in Seattle
August Opening of field offices in Olympia, Everett, Tacoma, and Spokane
October Final verification of new construction and transitory addresses
November Targeted rural canvassing begins



March Begin internet self-response
March 10 Presidential Primary
April 1 Census Day
May Non-response follow-up begins
August In-person address visits begin
August 4 2020 Primary election
November 3 2020 General Election
December 31 Census delivers apportionment counts to President



January 1     First day to appoint Redistricting Commission members
January 15 Last day to appoint Redistricting Commission members
January 31 Last day for Redistricting Commission to appoint chairperson
February 9 Special Election
February 23 State has historically received U.S. Census data
April 1 Deadline for Census Bureau to disseminate population data to local jurisdiction
April 9 45 day deadline for county and local jurisdictions to receive census data from State (last possible date)
April 27 Special Election
May 3  Deadline for county legislative authorities to adopt precinct boundary changes for the Primary-General Election cycle
May 15                Latest possible deadline for Redistricting Commission to disseminate redistricting population data to local jurisdictions for local redistricting (RCW 29A.76.010 (2))
May 25 Special Election
August 3  2021 Primary Election
November 2 2021 General Election
November 15 Constitutional deadline for Redistricting Commission to adopt revised congressional and legislative district boundaries (State Const. Art. II Sec. 43 (6))
November 23 Last day for county certification of the 2021 General Eleciton
December 8  Last day possible for local jurisdictions to send redistricting plans to County Auditors (Eight months after the date that jurisdictions received census data from the state)
October 15 State Redistricting Commission submits completed state plan to the Legislature


January 16 Latest possible deadline for counties, municipal corporations, and special purpose districts to adopt their local redistricting plans
February 10 Earliest date that state approved plan is transmitted to the County Auditors
February 8 Special Election
February 8 Last day for legislature to amend Redistricting Commission’s proposed boundaries
March 1 Deadline for Supreme Court to adopt a state redistricting plan if Redistricting Commission fails to submit a plan to the legislature
April 26 Special Election
May 2 Deadline for county legislative authorities to adopt precinct boundary changes for the Primary-General Election cycle
August 2 2022 Primary Election
November 8 2022 General Election
November 29 Last date for county certification of 2022 General Election
December 17 Changes for any jurisdiction redistricting not involved in the 2022 election will begin


February 14 Special Election
April 25 Special Election
April 29 Precinct changes completed by this date and affected voters and jurisdictions notified