Elections 101

The certification process for state and county election administrators is explained in our handbook:  

The Path to Becoming a Certified Elections Administrator.

  What is Elections 101

E101 is a comprehensive course for county and state election officials. The course is mandatory for election administrator certification in Washington State. Credit hours apply to renewals only, and only when it's been more than 3 years since taking the course.

E101 Course Materials (revised 2/2023)

Depending upon your computer capacity, you may choose to download the E101 Notebook by chapter or the complete
E101 Notebook.

E101 Complete Notebook E101 Notebook by Chapter

E-101 Complete Notebook 

E-101 Notebook Cover
E-101 Table of Contents
E-101 Chapter 1
E-101 Chapter 2
E-101 Chapter 3
E-101 Chapter 4
E-101 Chapter 5
E-101 Chapter 6
Standards of Conduct
Glossary of Terms
Election Laws Outside of Title 29A RCW
Legislative Search Handout

E101 Prerequisites