2020 General Election Summary

Quick links to information and data and from the 2020 General Election.

Where do I view results of the 2020 General Election?

2020 General Election Results

Select the tabs to navigate the results. See also current and past elections.

Post-election Audits and Voting System Tests

As with every election, we performed logic and accuracy tests prior to the 2020 General Election to ensure the accuracy of the certified vote counting equipment. In addition, we conducted post-election audits within 48 hours of Election Day.

Did you know these events are open for public observation at your local county elections office?

Voting System Testing and Certification

More information about testing, audits, and a list of certified tabulation systems in the state of Washington.

Where do I find data and other reports from the 2020 General Election?

2020 General Election Data

This page contains links to publicly available election data and information from the 2020 General Election:

  • Ballot status reports
  • Congressional and Legislative District reports
  • Certification documents
  • Candidate certification
  • Measure certification
  • General Election reconciliation report

2020 Annual Report of Washington State Elections

This report contains data and analysis from the 2020 elections, including the 2020 General Election.

Other data from the 2020 General Election may be found in election related data and tables on our data and statistics page.

Questions about a specific county's data? Here's the contact info for each county elections office.

What was on the November 3 ballot?

General Election Voters' Pamphlet

The Voters' pamphlet from the 2020 General is available in a wide variety of formats, including accessible PDFs, audio files, flat text, and videos.

Online Voter Guide

For best results, use a mobile device or Chrome/Firefox browser to load the guide.

Where do I find information about open offices and candidates who filed?

List of Offices Open

This list includes all Federal, State Executive, Legislative, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Superior Court offices.

Candidates Who Filed

This list includes candidates for statewide offices in the 2020 General Election, as well as options to view candidates at the county level.

Where do I find data and information from other elections?

Links to data and information from past elections can be found here.