The Elections office is closed to the general public until further notice. File an initiative online.

Current Election Information

Quick links to data and resources for the current election.

What’s on the April 28 ballot?

The fourth Tuesday in April is Election Day for some voters, not all. This depends on what's happening in your community.

When a ballot question is submitted to your County Auditor by a city, town, or local district, that question (known as a resolution) calls for a "Special Election." Whether you're eligible to vote in the April 28 Special Election depends on where you are registered to vote. For more information contact your County Auditor or visit

Where do I vote? 

If you're eligible, your ballot will be mailed no later than April 10. A list of ballot drop boxes and voting centers open during the April Special Election can be found here: Drop Boxes and Voting Centers. This list is current as of April 1, and may be updated as we get closer to the Election. 

Who voted? 

Daily Ballot Return Statistics and Turnout

Updated at the end of each day, this report breaks down the number of ballots received and turnout percentage by county.

Daily Ballot Status Report

Also known as the matchback report, this daily report contains ballots received, accepted, or challenged. Matching it back to the voter registration database reveals who has yet to vote. All voter information in the report is public information.

Voter Registration Database | Request Form

Request a complete list of voters and publicly available information. The extract is large and may require particular expertise or tools to navigate.

Doing some research?

District Maps

Available in paper format, PDF, or GIS compatible precinct shapefiles.

Research Data & Statistics

This page contains links to publicly available election information for both current and historical data. Drilling down? Here’s contact info for each county elections office.

Where can I find information about past elections?

Information on past elections, including results, voters' pamphlets, offices open for election, lists of candidates who filed, and other data can be found on our Election Results and Voters' Pamphlets page.

Additional Resources

Forms for Voters Missing Signature Form, Signature Update Form, Voter Registration Forms and translated forms available.

Guide to Registering Voters

Candidate Resources

Statewide Standards on What is a Vote

Voting by Mail FAQ