CCFS has been updated to reflect changes to nonprofit corporation laws under RCW 24.03A. All nonprofit filings will be completed manually using the items available in download forms.

Service of Process/ Summons and Complaint

An entity registered in the office of Secretary of State may be served with any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law by serving the registered agent. (See RCW 23.95.450 for the most current law).  You may find the registered agent name and address, principal office address, and governing persons' names and address for any entity registered in our office at using the Search tool.  After attempting service according to the new law, you may serve the Secretary of State by providing the following:

  • Cover letter, which provides a return address for confirmation of service, states the RCW that the entity is being served under, and the exact name and UBI number of the entity
  • A completed and signed SOP Cover Sheet
  • A copy of the documents being served
  • Include a $50 fee and a separate SOP Cover Sheet per entity

Non Resident Motorists RCW 46.64.040

For a non resident motorist or a resident motorist who cannot be located within the State, provide a cover letter stating the Non Resident Motorist RCW, the last known address (if known), and two copies of the documents needing service. The filing fee is $50.00 per individual, per address, per marital community or per entity.

You may serve our office by mail or in person.

Mail to:

Corporations Division
PO Box 40234
Olympia WA  98504 0234
For overnight or personal service:

Corporations Division
801 Capitol Way S
Olympia WA  98501