FAQ - Registered Agent

Registered Agent: Person or business named to receive legal documents on behalf of the corporation.

Registered Office: The office address where the Registered Agent is located.

Do I need a registered agent? What do they do? All Corporations, LLC’s, and Limited Partnerships doing business in Washington must have a Registered Agent with a physical Washington State address. The Registered Agent may be an individual or a business. The Registered Agent receives annual reports, notices, and service of process on behalf of the organization they represent.

The Registered Agent must provide a physical address at which the agent is available for service of process. The agent may provide a PO Box address in addition to a physical address for receiving notice.

How do I change or update a Registered Agent? To change the registered agent, for a business registered with the Washington Secretary of State, you can go online and file a Statement of Change. This service is free of charge. You may also update your Registered Agent information at the time of filing your Annual Report.

How do I resign as a Registered Agent? In order to resign as the Registered Agent you must file a letter with the Secretary of State's office stating your resignation and include the name of the Registered Agent, the name of the organization, the UBI number of the organization, and a fee of $20.

How do I find a Registered Agent for my business? You may search the web or your local phone book for a list of registered agent services provided in Washington State.