Law Changes and Service Revisions

Under new laws of 2016, the Secretary of State will not certify or attest to the signature of a notary public on a document:

  • Regarding allegiance to a government or jurisdiction;
  • Relating to the relinquishment or renunciation of citizenship, sovereignty, military status, or world service authority; or
  • Setting forth or implying a claim of immunity from the laws of jurisdictions within Washington, immunity from the laws of the State of Washington, or immunity from Federal Law.

Authenticity or certification of signatures - Attestation. RCW 43.07.032

Important Reminder:

  • Documents must be notarized prior to their request for apostille or certification
  • Los documentos deben ser notariados antes de su solicitud de apostilla o certificación
  • Link to notary guidelines RCW 42.44.100


Certificates are not valid for use anywhere within the United States of America, its territories or possessions.