Training Session - Organizing the File Room Workshop

Many agencies keep too many records for longer than needed, making important information difficult and time-consuming to find. When an agency receives public records requests, a large backlog of disorganized records increases the risk that staff won’t be able to quickly find and provide all responsive records.

Many agencies understand that they need to get their records in order but don’t know where to start. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to tackle the organize project in an efficient and manageable way. Attendees will practice developing a work plan, sorting records, and assigning retention, using real-life examples from their agency.

Enrollment limited to 30.  Each participant must bring a randomly selected box of records from their agency that they will use for practice exercises. You may be working with staff from other agencies, so please avoid bringing confidential records.

To register...

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Workshop Materials...

Please print and bring with you:

  1. Presentation Handout (Slides)
  2. Worksheet

Additional Sample Templates...