RIM External Training

This list of conferences, webinars, and other training events is provided as an informational resource for those working in the records and information management fields in Washington State.

Disclaimer: Inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply approval or endorsement by Washington State Archives.

Date/Time Event Location Details
Oct 5, 2022 NAGARA Webinar: Presenting Presentations: A Presentation Online Link
Oct 6, 2022 NAGARA Webinar: Sharing Our Struggles: A Panel on Shared Drives Online Link
Oct 10, 2022 FREEDOC: ECM Boot Camp Lynnwood, WA Link
Oct 11, 2022 FREEDOC: ECM Boot Camp Lynnwood, WA Link
Oct 27, 2022 WAPRO Fall Conference Tacoma, WA Link
Nov 3, 2022 NAGARA Webinar: Planting the Seeds for Collaborative Work: How to Grow a Cross-Functional Team Online Link
Dec 1, 2022 NAGARA Webinar: Communication Skills for Records Managers Online Link