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How to Update Records Retention Schedules

Updating Schedules Affecting More than One Agency

How Schedules Affecting More than One Agency are Updated

Please email your Suggested Improvements to Records Retention Schedules Form to [email protected]

Updating State Agency Specific Schedules

To better assist state agencies in the retention, destruction, and transfer of their electronic and non-electronic public records, Washington State Archives is implementing improvements to records retention schedules.


To submit a completely new agency schedule in the new format for review:

Complete the template for the new agency schedule (see below for form) and submit along with a completed Summary of Changes to [email protected]

If you have a new approved agency schedule and want to make other changes/revisions/corrections:

Download the existing approved version in the WORD format located on the OSOS website, make the changes, and submit along with a completed Summary of Changes to [email protected].

Any new schedule and any and all changes (including corrections) will be submitted to the State Records Committee (SRC) for approval.  Inclusion on the SRC agenda depends on the scope and complexity of the submitted schedule for review.