Reports, Data, and Statistics

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Data for the current election

2024 Presidential Primary - Daily Ballot Return Statistics

This interactive report breaks down the number and percentage of ballots received by each county elections department.

2024 Presidential Primary - Daily Ballot Status Report

Also known as the matchback report, this daily report contains ballots received, accepted, or challenged. Matching it back to the voter registration database reveals who has yet to vote. All voter information in the report is public information.

Data from past elections

Election Data by Year

Links to information from past elections, including results, voters' pamphlets, offices open for election, lists of candidates who filed, and other data organized by year and election.

Annual election reports

Our annual reports provide a summary of elections for the year and include analysis and comparisons of the primary and general elections, as well as highlights of interesting data points or hot topics of the year.

2023 Report of Elections in Washington State

2022 Report of Elections in Washington State

2021 Report of Elections in Washington State

2020 Report of Elections in Washington State

2019 Report of Elections in Washington State

2018 Report of Elections in Washington State

2017 Report of Elections in Washington State

2016 Report of Elections in Washington State

Voter registration data

Voter Registration Data Tables - Updated Monthly

Voter Demographics

Voter totals by age group, county, gender, congressional district, legislative district, and incorporated city/town.

Monthly Voter Registration Transactions

Monthly voter registration transaction totals by month and source back to March 2007.

Voter Registration Database

Information | FAQ | Request Form

Request a complete list of voters and publicly available information. The extract is large and may require particular expertise or tools to navigate.

Election data tables

Ballot Box Usage by Year

A table containing the percentage of ballots that have been returned by ballot drop boxes for all Primary and General Elections since 2012.

Voter Participation Table

A table containing statewide voter participation data for even year General Elections since 1952.

Voter Participation Data*

An Excel spreadsheet containing voter participation data broken down by county, gender, and age range for General Elections since 2005 and Primary Elections since 2018.

*Population estimates from 2011 to 2019 are currently unavailable. They will become available in early-to-mid 2024 when OFM releases detailed age and sex data updated with the 2020 Census.

Voter Turnout by Election

A table containing the number of participating counties, eligible registered voters, number of ballots counted, and turnout since 2007. Limited data is available back to 1898.

General Election Turnout

A table containing the number of eligible registered voters, number of ballots counted, and turnout for all General Elections since 1980.

Reconciliation Report

An Excel spreadsheet containing county reconciliation data submitted by counties since 2005.

Same Day Registration

A table of same day registration totals since implementation in 2019.

Other data files and resources

District Maps

Adopted February 2022 and downloadable from the Redistricting Commission. For 2021 and earlier, download precinct shapefiles.

Districts with Precinct Associations

A spreadsheet containing a list of precincts and their associated districts.

Precinct Shapefiles (2004-2023)

Maps of precinct lines for use with geographical mapping software.

Election Assistance Commission - Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS)

The EAVS surveys all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on topics related to the administration of federal elections.

United States Census - Voting and Registration

Links to voting and registration data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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