What is an Application Assistant (AA)?

An AA must be a designee of their agency or program and authorized by the secretary of state to assist individuals in the completion of ACP applications. Without AAs, the ACP would not be successful in helping families stay safe.

Application Assistant Eligibility

By law, only certain people are eligible to be an ACP Application Assistant. They must be an employee of a non-profit program or a state, county, or other local agency. Additionally, it must be a part of their job to provide advocacy, counseling, referral, or shelter services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or trafficking.

Role of the Application Assistant

  • Provide safety planning and other resource assistance to the applicant(s).
  • Meet with the applicant(s) to explain the ACP.
  • Discuss program eligibility and fit with the applicant(s).
  • Assist the applicant(s) with completing ACP application and mail to the ACP once complete.
How do I become a Certified Application Assistant?

If you meet the eligibility criteria to be an ACP Application Assistant, you must:

  1. Complete certification training administered by the Washington ACP AND

  2. Submit a complete Application Assistant Agreement

Certification training can be completed by:

  1. Attending a live on-line training. Dates and registration links are under Training Dates and Registration.

  2. Watching the advocate videos below AND scheduling a 30-minute phone follow-up. Email [email protected].

  3. Scheduling an on-line or in person training for multiple advocates at your program/agency. Email [email protected].

Certification is valid for two years from the date your agreement is processed and a new agreement must be completed every two years to continue serving as an Application Assistant.

You can transfer your certification to a new employer as long as you still meet the eligibility requirements and submit an updated agreement.

link to advocates youtube playlist

Training Dates and Registration

August - Thursday 8th 2:00 pm

September - Friday 20th 8:30 am

October - Tuesday 1st 1:30 pm

November - Thursday 7th 9:30 am

December - Wednesday 18th 1:30 pm

Request for training and materials

If you are a current Application Assistant and are in need of ACP materials, please email [email protected]. Applications are not available online and must be requested from our office directly by a certified Application Assistant.