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The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) lasted 20 years: from the 9/11 terrorist attacks through the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.
Washington is home to nearly 60,000 active-duty and 18,000 National Guard and reserve service members and more than 540,000 veterans.
155 Washingtonians gave their lives in military service during GWOT, with an increasing number lost to suicide since returning home.

Why is this memorial needed now?

The Washington State Global War on Terrorism Memorial is a way of honoring the people who have served and given their lives to defend this country from terrorism. Some service members never found closure from their service, so while the war may be largely over, the battle continues in their daily lives. The GWOT must not become a “forgotten war.” We have a duty to honor these veterans and gold-star families with an enduring reminder that we appreciate their sacrifice.

Why is it important to include veterans who have died by suicide after service? 

Too many veterans who served in these campaigns and operations took their lives as a result of experiences and trauma overseas. Some service members came home and found they had left a part of themselves overseas. They could not live with that void. Our hope is that this memorial, and our collective efforts, will honor their service, help in the healing process, and prevent or discourage thoughts of suicide.

How can I help? 

This memorial requires support from the entire community. We need champions like you to demonstrate resounding support for this worthwhile cause.

How can I donate? 

The Office of the State Treasurer is accepting online donations.

Donate Now

"Donation Purpose" (online) or "Recipient Account" (paper form) is the WA State Global War on Terror Memorial Account — #27M

The paper form is available at,  and you can mail it with a check payable to Washington State Treasurer.