Employee Suggestion Program Application

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Employee Suggestion Program


Review and complete the Employee Solution Program application below.

Here are some Employee Suggestion Program Application Tips.

Determine if the Employee Suggestion Program is the appropriate avenue for your idea by checking the eligibility page.

Describe the specific problem and provide a workable solution. Supply as much detail as possible and include examples or attachments to support your idea.

For cost saving or revenue generating suggestions you must provide a fiscal analysis. This fillable Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet can be used to show your calculations. Submit the form using the button at the bottom of the page.

Click the “Save and Resume Later” button at the bottom of the application form to save your work. You will be emailed a URL password valid for 30 days. Do not upload files until you are ready to submit.

When a suggestion is submitted by more than one employee, any resulting award will be shared by the co-suggester entered on the suggestion form. If there is no co-suggester, please skip to the Suggestion Information section. 

If your suggestion is a team project, please fill out a Teamwork Incentive Program application.

Reach out to your agency coordinator if you have questions or need assistance, or contact the Productivity Board staff at 360-725-0381 and [email protected]