Presidential Primary Resources & Training Materials

The following resources are designed for state and county election administrators conducting the Presidential Primary.

Election Laws

Presidential Primary Laws

RCWs (29A.56)
Presidential Primary WACs

Other Election Laws

Federal Law

ADA Ballot Dropbox Accessibility (PDF)
ADA Checklist for Polling Places (PDF)
Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002 (PDF)
Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) (PDF)
Other Federal Laws

State Code

Washington Administrative Code - Title 434
Recent Rulemaking

State Law

Washington State Constitution Revised Code of Washington - Title 29A
RCW Chapters Outside Title 29A (PDF)
Annual Washington Elections Law Books

2024 Presidential Primary Advisories

Advisory 01: Ballot Return Envelope | Declaration Template

Advisory 02: Ballot Requirements

The next update to the Presidential Primary Advisories page will be September 22. 

2024 Presidential Primary Resources

Certification of Presidential Primary Party Declarations

Cure Form - English | Cure Form - Spanish (Available September 2023) 

Election Administrators Portal


2020 Presidential Primary Advisories

    Presidential Primary Envelopes and Materials (video)

    Cure Form | Incomplete Declarations

    Completing the Presidential Primary

    Official Certification of Candidates 

    Ballot Packet Insert 

         -  Ballot Packet Insert (envelope version) 

         -  Ballot Packet Insert (sleeve version)

    Logic & Accuracy Testing | Test Matrix Template

    Voter Intent | Consolidated Ballots

         -  Voter Intent Webinar (video)

2020 Presidential Primary Resources

2020 Resources for Your Staff

Powerpoint: "Preparing for the 2020 Presidential Primary" 

2020 Tabulation Webinars (videos)

Practice Sort Activity (video)

Presidential Primary Ballot Processing Flowchart 2020

 Presidential Primary Cure Form Flowchart 2020

 Presidential Primary Envelope Procedure Poster 2020

 Voter Intent Posters

 Candidate Name Pronunciation Guide

2020 Resources for Your Voters

Missing Signature/Party Choice Cure Form 2020 |  Spanish version 2020