Corporations Data Extract Download

Last Updated: 9:11 AM PST 12/22/2017

Change Log - 01/31/2018 - 09:06 A.M.

  • The corporation Expiration Date was returning NULL for many entities due to the new data structure. The Expiration date will now replicate what the web page search shows. Expiration Dates will be moved to the end of the month they are on instead of Just +1 year as it was suppose to be. Also Expiration dates will now appear on more entities. If No Expiration Date can be found NULL will be returned instead of No Record at all.
Please go to the Complete Change Log Page for all changes.

You can download an entire extract of the corporations search database in Text or XML format by clicking the links below. The data is provided for use in custom searches, mash-ups and other purposes as desired. For quicker download, the file has been compressed in ZIP format. Data extracted is extracted nightly to reflect the changes made in the previous 24 hours.

  Heads Up

Please note there are changes to how the data is presented due to the new Corporation and Charities Filing System. If you see errors in the data please let us know, we have attempted to maintain as much of the original format as possible.

This file is updated once per day at approximately 2:00 A.M.

The Zip folders contain 3 files each. One file for Governing Persons, One for Document Types which is all documents filed against a corporations, and One file containing the corporations and their respective Registered Agent. Each file contains a UBI reference so your applications may tie up the data as you see fit

Because the files are so large, it is recommended that you use software that can import large amounts of data. Excel or other spreadsheet software generally will not work. It is recommended that you use desktop database software (such as Access) or an enterprise database server solution (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)

When the information obtained from this site is provided in any form to a customer, the company or person supplying this information shall include a statement in substantially the following form, prominently displayed or printed with that information: 

This data is provided for informational purposes only.  Legal certification can be obtained only through the Office of the Secretary of State.

RCW 42.56.070(9) prohibits the Office of the Secretary of State from providing access to lists of individuals requested for commercial purposes.  The company or person using this data agrees that lists of individuals derived by the company or person from the information obtained from this site will not be provided to any customer for commercial purposes in violation of RCW 42.56.070(9).

If you have developed a custom application with the information, we would love to hear about it.

The following is an explanation of the elements/fields found within the files.

The Corporations File

UBI - Washington State Unified Business Identifier
Business Name - Legal name as record with OSOS
Record StatusThe status of a business (Active, Administratively Dissolved, Inactive, Dissolved
Category - Type of entity structure, corporations are labeled as REG whether profit or non-profit
State Of Incorporation - The state of origination
Date Of Incorporation -  The date the entity filed with OSOS
Expiration Date  - The date the most recent annual report is/was due
Dissolution Date - The date the entity was dissolved if applicable
Duration - Duration of an entity specified in Datetime if it exist.
Type - Indicates whether the entity is a profit or non-profit
Type Description - Tells what Business Type an Entity is (WA Limitied Liability Copmany, WA Public Benefit, Ect.)
Registered Agent Name - The name of the registered agent i.e. contact person
Registered Agent Address - The physical address of the registered agent
Registered Agent City - The city in which the Agent Address is located
Registered Agent State - The state in which the Agent Address is located
Registered Agent Zip - The zip code for the Agent Address

  Alternate Addresses Coming Soon

Registered Agent Alternate Addresses will be added at a later date. The performance and accuracy of the current data needs to be monitored and improved before including this additional data.

The Governors Files

UBI - The UBI a Governor is tied to
Governing Person Title - The title (president, vice-president, member, etc.)  of the person listed as a Governing person
Governing Person First Name - The first name of the Governing Person
Governing Person Middle Name - The middle name of the Governing Person
Governing Person Last Name - The last name of the Governing Person
Governing Person Address - The address for the Governing Person
Governing Person City - The city in which the Governing Person Address is located
Governing Person State - The state in which the Governing Person Address is located
Governing Person Zip - The zip code for the Governing Person Address

The Documents File

UBI - The UBI a Document is tied to
Completed Date - The Datetime a document was completed
Description - The Type of Document