Washington Limited Liability Companies (LLC)


The following links will take you to the available Washington paper form. Online annual reports may be found above and to the right of this page. Foreign LLC (non-Washington)forms are linked at the bottom of this page.

Washington Limited Liability Company Fees (Title 25.15 RCW)

Amendment to Filing $30
Reinstatement $140 + missing annual fees (only available up to 5 years)
Dissolution/Withdrawal No Fee
Initial or Amended Annual Report $10 Amended Annual Reports are not filed online
Annual Report $71
Reservation of Name $30
Change of Registered Agent / Office $0 File Online
Merger $20 per merging entity
Conversion More info: Entity Conversions
Resignation of Registered Agent $20
Delinquency Fee $25
Any other statement or report $10

Click Here for forms to use with Foreign (non Washington) Limited Liability Companies