Petition Observer Resources

The petitions process may be observed by persons who have taken the OSOS Observer Training, who agree to adhere to OSOS observer standards and are part of either the for or against group representing either the advocates or opponents of the proposed measure the initiative or referenda petition is addressing.

The Secretary of State may limit the number of observers to not less than two for each side, for and against the petition, but if a greater number would cause undue delay or disruption of the verification process of the petition, any such limitation shall apply equally to both sides. Each group, for and against the petition, will appoint a “Head Observer” to be responsible for managing their groups observers, observer schedules and relaying changes in the OSOS petition processing schedule to the observer members in their group.

Next Observer Training: July 2, 2024
Email to RSVP: [email protected]

If you are unable to attend the observer training and still want to observe the petition process, you must watch the training video found here: Observer Training 2024.

Also, please review the Observer Handbook.