Residency Requirements

To register to vote in Washington State, you must be a resident of the state. You may specify a mailing address that is different from your residential address.

You may only be registered to vote at one location, even if you own multiple residences. If you move or are temporarily away, you may maintain your voter registration at that address until you register to vote elsewhere.

If you have a nontraditional address, such as a motor home or transitional housing, your voting residence is the physical location at the time you register to vote. You may list a different address for your mailing address.

If you are a United States citizen living abroad, you may use your last Washington address. If you have never lived in the country, you may use the last address of your parents or other family member. 

Even if you are living outside of Washington State, you will retain your residency if you are:

  • employees in the civil or military service of the state or of the United States;
  • living overseas;
  • attending college or any institution of learning; or
  • confined in any public prison. 

You may maintain your voter registration in Washington State until you register to vote elsewhere. 

For more information about voting residence, see Article VI, Section 4 of the Washington State ConstitutionRCW 29A.04.151, and RCW 29A.08.

To challenge a voter registration, you must file a Voter Challenge with the county elections department where that person is registered.​