Initiative to the Legislature dice roll

Once a sponsor submits the final text for their proposed initiative to the Legislature, the Secretary of State's office will perform the following procedure to assign the random three-digit number for each initiative:

1) Three 10-sided dice numbered zero through nine will be rolled to determine each digit of the number. The series for initiatives to the legislature shall be eight characters in length, starting with the letters IL, followed by the last two digits of the calendar year the legislature will review the initiative, a hyphen followed by the randomly selected three-digit number as prescribed by WAC 434-379-0071

2) If the number is 000, the dice shall be rolled again to select a number between one and 999.

3) If the selected number has been previously assigned, the roll of the dice must be repeated until a unique number is selected.


The recording showing the dice roll is posted here:

IL25-538 Random Dice Roll

IL25-135 Random Dice Roll

IL25-181 Random Dice Roll

IL25-932 Random Dice Roll

IL25-834 Random Dice Roll

IL25-206 Random Dice Roll

IL25-079 Random Dice Roll

IL25-192 Random Dice Roll

IL25-260 Random Dice Roll

IL25-889 Random Dice Roll