2022 Voters' Pamphlet Audio Guide


Introduction to the 2022 Voters' Pamphlet

Are accessible voting options available?  

How do I register to vote in Washington?  -

What if I'm not 18 yet?

How do I vote and return my ballot?

Your district may have changed

How do I know if something is true?  -

Student Engagement Hubs

How do I vote if I'm a victim of a crime?

Advisory Votes

What are advisory votes?

Legislators' Contact Information & Final Votes Cast

Advisory Vote No. 39 (Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5974)

Advisory Vote No. 40 (Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2076)

Federal Offices

Federal Qualifications and Responsibilities  

State Executive Office

Executive Qualifications and Responsibilities

Legislative Offices

Legislative Qualifications and Responsibilities

Judicial Offices

Judicial Qualifications and Responsibilities


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