1968: The Year That Rocked Washington

1968: The Year That Rocked Washington

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Legacy Washington looks back at 1968 and its impact on Washington state through the stories of some remarkable people who lived through it. On college campuses, the campaign trail and evergreen peaks, Washingtonians were spurred to action. Above all, 1968 showed the power of an individual to make a difference.

Whether it was Ralph Munro fighting for the rights of people with disabilities, Polly Dyer protecting natural treasures with cheerful tenacity, Maxine Mimms striving to improve educational opportunities for African-Americans, or the valor of Green Beret Sgt. Bryon Loucks deep in the jungles of Vietnam, these Washingtonians came from very different backgrounds. But they had one trait in common: the courage of their convictions.

Ralph Munro:

Disability Rights

Ralph Munro

Maxine Mimms:

My Life is Education

Maxine Mimms

Phyllis Lamphere:

City Girl Leaves Big Mark

Phyllis Lamphere

Norm Dicks:

Alma Mater Comes of Age

Norm Dicks

Tom Robbins:

Mark Twain with an Illegal Smile

Tom Robbins

Nat & Thelma Jackson:

You Run to Win

Nat & Thelma Jackson

Karen Fraser:

Winning Them Over

Karen Fraser

Jim Ellis:

Do Something Extra

Jim Ellis

Pat O'Day:

Ring, Ring Goes the Bell!

Pat O'Day

Wes Uhlman:

A Politician of His Times

Wes Uhlman

Polly Dyer:

A Sweeping Legacy

Polly Dyer

Stuart Elway:

Taking the Pulse

Stuart Elway

Art Fletcher:

Crossing the Color-Line

Art Fletcher

Dan Evans:

The Keynoter

Dan Evans

Bryon Loucks:

Brothers in Arms

Bryon Loucks

Larry Gossett & Lem Howell:

Tired of Waiting

Larry Gossett & Lem Howell