Entity Conversions

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On June 12, 2014 legislation allowing business entities to change thier structure became effective. Corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC) laws now join the Limited Partnership law in Washington in allowing these entities to convert to certain other structures, as well as change thier domicile. This Law DOES NOT allow sole proprietorships to convert to a corporate structure.

FIling Articles of Conversion:

Note: The Office of the Secretary of State cannot provide legal advice. You are encouraged to seek legal advice to answer questions about conversion as it may involve topics such as business liability, personal liability, business licensing, taxation, and others.
  • The Articles of Conversion need to be drawn up according to law. (see links below)
  • In addition, the new entity "origination" filing must accompany the Articles.
  • The filing fee is $190.00 (if expedited service is requested, an additional $50.00 expedite fee is due)
  • The Conversion Cover Sheet should accompany the Articles for the quickest service.

RCW 25.15.417 – Conversion - Limited Liability Company (LLC)

RCW 23B.09.010 – Entity conversion - Corporations

If you have questions about the filing process please contact us at: corps@sos.wa.gov or by calling 360-725-0377.