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  • Secretary Wyman with 2015 Apple Blossom Royal Court and state Rep. Brad Hawkins (left). (Photo courtesy of Patrick McDonald) One of the annual events during legislative session is a visit to Olympia by the Apple Blossom Royalty from the Wenatchee area. After this year’s Apple Blossom Royal Court stopped by our office recently to meet […]
  • (Photo courtesy of Washington State Library) If you’re looking for historical black-and-white photos of anything about Washington state, a great place to check is the Washington State Library. One of its collections of classic photos is the second Library Jewel for March. This collection features shots taken by Asahel Curtis and other photographers sometime between […]
  • Former Chief Justice Gerry Alexander points to an image of the 1889 telegram announcing President Harrison had signed the proclamation declaring that Washington had become a state. (Photos courtesy of Laura Mott) Former Chief Justice Gerry Alexander’s distinguished career in law and the court system has spanned nearly half a century, making him one the […]
  • (Image courtesy of Washington State Library) The State Library has lots and lots of historical maps: State maps. Territorial maps. Pre-Territorial maps. Highways maps. Railroad maps. Military maps. Geological maps. Even maps of shorelines and tidelands. The library even has a classic map that Cliff Clavin, Newman and other famed postal carriers near and far […]
  • This month’s Archives Treasure goes to the Crosby Store ledger from 1859, with honorable mentions for the picture of the 1990 “Steel Magnolias” photo and an 1857 map of Western Washington Territory. The ledger details the day-to-day transactions of the Crosby Store in Tumwater back in territorial days. The store was located on Reserve Street (now […]