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  • Gov. Inslee, Secretary Wyman and first lady Trudi Inslee (left) lead cheers with the 12th Man on the Capitol steps. (Photo courtesy Legislative Photo Department) When you have a bunch of loyal 12s working at the Capitol two days before the Super Bowl, you need to do something to let them cheer on their beloved […]
  • A lot is happening at the State Capitol Friday: The legislative session is in its 19th day. Everyone is pumped about the Super Bowl (many Seahawks jerseys and T-shirts are being worn on campus). And it’s National Guard Day! Secretary of State Wyman was pleased to meet with three Washington National Guard officers in her […]
  • Here in our office, we’re always interested in voting and elections. Last week, we asked what your favorite Archives Treasure was, and now we’re curious to know which State Library Jewel you like most. Over the past few days, we’ve featured three different Library Jewels for January, starting with a 1924 Washington road map. We […]
  • Early this week, we began our “State Library Jewels” blog series to show off some of the many interesting items and collections found in the State Library. The first jewel we presented was a  1924 Washington road map, followed by a list of motor vehicle owners in 1912. Our third piece to be showcased is […]
  • (Photo courtesy of Washington State Library) In mid-January we launched our “State Archives treasures” blog series, and now it’s the State Library’s turn to showcase some of their most interesting pieces! Our first “State Library jewels” post  featured a Washington road map from 1924; today we travel a little further back in time to 1912 […]