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  • One of the most beloved services of our Washington State Library is the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library in Seattle. We’ve featured three interesting WTBBL-related items for our September “Library Jewels” blog series, and now it’s time for you, our dear blog reader, to choose your favorite. Just go to the online poll below […]
  • (Photo courtesy of Washington Talking Book & Braille Library) During its long history, the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library in Seattle has had thousands of patrons. In fact, a handwritten ledger kept track of WTBBL patrons registered from 1919 to 1984. One name will grab your attention once you know his stage name. On […]
  • When you’re a state that has as many rivers, lakes and other waterways as Washington, you need a lot of bridges. In fact, according to the state Department of Transportation, WA has nearly 10,000 state and local bridges. Some of Washington’s earlier bridges are famous (or infamous): “Galloping Gertie,” which collapsed into the Tacoma Narrows […]
  • As Washington bears down on a Monday, Oct. 5, voter deadline to register online or by mail, Secretary Wyman enlisted a little Seahawks star power to help spread the message.  Two-time Pro Bowler Mack Strong, the Hawks’ popular and talented fullback for many years, graciously taped a 30-second video urging all eligible Washingtonians to get […]
  • As you approach the front entrance of the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library in Seattle, you notice a beautiful, unique wooden sculpture. The wooden art was created by artist Dudley Pratt, commissioned in memory of University District bookseller Harry Hartman, who was blind and a WTBBL patron for more than 20 years. After Hartman’s […]